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Terms & Conditions of Purchase

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    Cancelling An Ordered Item:
    Purchase of a product that is ordered for you the customer, is paid for prior to the order being placed. For custom made orders, where fabric choice has been made on a sofa or chair, or stain or color choice on a handcrafted furniture piece, the item cannot be cancelled 24 hours after payment is made. Customer must present Sales Receipt and if paid by credit card or debit card, the credit or debit card receipt. 10% cancellation fee will apply. Vintage Furniture & Home Decor & Smaller Home Decor is sold as is, no returns, no cancellation. If we are shipping vintage items or smaller home decor items we try to ship them as soon as possible and thus no cancellation.

    Return Policy:
    Custom Sofas & Chairs are made to order and there is no return. Custom Consoles are made to order and there is no return. Vintage Furniture & Home Decor and Smaller Home Decor is Sold As Is, No Returns.

    Damaged Item Upon Delivery:
    1. If the box or packaging is damaged upon delivery, please take pictures of the box and packaging prior to opening the box.
    2. Note the damaged boxes or packaging in writing on the freight bill you sign to ensure record of the damage at time of delivery.
    3. Reach out to Loft 63 via email at Scott@Loft63.com within 24 hours of delivery – include photos of the damage and a description of the damage
    4. Pending investigation, if approved by Loft 63, at our determination we will replace, fix, provide a replacement part, or a refund. Please note, for custom furniture, there is a lead time to receive the item from our supplier to replace it or supply a replacement part.
    5. If a part is missing, we will work with our supplier to have the part shipped to you as quickly as possible.
    6. Please Note: Per Loft 63’s Investigation, we will not issue a refund or replacement product or part if damage is not noted on the freight bill, or if damage is due to misuse or abuse, damage occurs during assembly, or the product has been modified in any way.

    Limited Warranty:
    On New Custom Furniture Items, we offer a limited one (1) year limited warranty from date of purchase, that the product does not have manufacturers defects only. Loft 63’s liability is limited to repairing or replacing or providing a replacement part, at our option, for the defective part. Loft 63, at its sole discretion, will investigate to determine if it is or is not a manufacturers defect and the necessity and manner of repair or replacement, and all other matters pertaining to the condition of the furniture. If upon investigation, Loft 63 determines it is not a manufacturers defect, Loft 63 will have no liability or responsibility to replace the part or furniture piece. This warranty does not apply to defects resulting from misuse, improper installation, inadequate maintenance, cuts, burns, freight handling damage, exposure to pets, improper cleaning or improper chemical use on product, exposure to sunlight or humidity. Warranty is not applicable for small home décor items, wall art, vintage furniture, vintage home decor items, or items sold “as is.” Customer must present sales receipt. Warranty does not apply to fabric or leather on upholstered furniture. Warranty does not apply to floor sample sales which are sold “as is.”

    Glitches with On-Line Orders:
    In rare instances we may have a website glitch showing a product in-stock when it really is not in-stock, or we may find we are not able to complete shipping to your address, or some other unusual circumstance. In these unusual instances we will not be able to ship your purchase and we will refund your money in full as quickly as possible.

    For New Custom Furniture – Floor Samples are a representation of the piece ordered for the customer. Furniture ordered and received by the customer may have wood grain variations, there may be slight color variations on the piece ordered from what is shown on the showroom floor and on-line, and small design features may be adjusted by the manufacture from what is shown on the showroom floor.

    For Vintage Furniture & Home Decor – We show photos and make notes to the best of our ability to accurately represent the items. In most instances, we have sourced items that are in excellent vintage condition with minimal or little wear. Vintage Mid Century Items are around 60 years old and will in many instances have light wear or other light character marks. We make our best effort to describe any wear beyond what we consider age appropriate wear and show photos to represent the items.

    Smaller Home Decor Items can Ship in the United States in most instances via USPS or FedEx Ground. Custom Sofas can ship to select cities in the Lower 48 States of the United States. In some instances we have Home Delivery Options, in other instances Customer Pick-Up at a Regional Warehouse will be the only option we have. We outline many shipping destinations in the checkout path. Feel free to contact us for a shipping quote or with questions at Scott@Loft63.com.

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